A boy is laughing and next to it child is playing with bricks. Operators of the project and their logos.

Expanding learning environments and support in early childhood education “the LaTVa” project

The LaTVa project focuses on the development of research-based and multi-professional expanding learning environment and the utilization of technologies to support children with special needs in early childhood education. The key aims are to develop knowledge and tools to facilitate the effective integration of the activities of different actors (early childhood education, family-and healthcare service Siun Sote and enterprises), the use of technologies and the development of learning environment to support the implementation of three-tiered support in early childhood education.

The core activity of the project is a multi-professionally developed and piloted technology-enhanced learning environment that utilizes the expertise from professionals in early childhood education, in Siun sote and in enterprises. In addition, a support kiosk model as well as a technology briefcase concept will be piloted in the project. The project also organizes thematic workshops in the piloting area, three regional workshops in North-Karelia and a kick-off and a closing seminar. The project invites technology and welfare enterprises to join the development of early childhood learning environment and disseminates results regionally, nationally and internationally.

As on outcome of the project, there will be holistic knowledge on the needs of the children in early childhood education and on the provision of currently missing but needed services in early childhood education in North Karelia region. In addition, the project creates an expanding learning environment model that illuminates how the key actors (early childhood education Siun Sote and enterprises) can work with families in a flexible manner by utilizing each other’s’ expertise when delivering support to children in early childhood education. The project also creates opportunities to enterprises to develop services and technologies for early childhood education and for networking with different actors in early childhood education.